LumenRT CityEngine Plugin Troubleshooting

LumenRT CityEngine Plugin Troubleshooting

Camera Export is only supported on CityEngine version 2011 and greater. If you are facing trouble exporting into LumenRT and/or you see that your proxies have disappeared, run the script:

  • Scripts >

This will restore your scene and remove any extraneous LumenRT export files.

LumenRT CityEngine Plugin TroubleshootingCamera Export仅在CityEngine 2011及更高版本上受支持。 如果您在导入LumenRT时遇到问题和/或您发现代理已消失,请运行ResetLumenRT.py脚本:Scripts> ResetLumenRT.py这将恢复您的场景并删除任何无关的LumenRT导出文件。

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