LumenRT GeoDesign Example Project

Included with LumenRT GeoDesign is an example project called LumenRTExample_CityScape Project. The CityScape project is a fully custom built example of how to create an urban landscape. It incorporates a fill range of LumenRT capabilities in a single project using all the Immersive Nature elements including plants, trees, ecosustems, water, animals, people, vehicles and lighting, Each section of the city employs one or more LumenRT Immersive Nature rule base methods and is fully documented an commented.

包含在LumenRT GeoDesign中的是一个名为LumenRTExample_CityScape Project的示例项目。 CityScape项目是一个完全定制的如何创建城市景观的例子。 它在一个项目中融合了一系列LumenRT功能,使用所有沉浸自然元素,包括植物,树木,ecosustems,水,动物,人,车辆和照明。城市的每个部分都采用一个或多个LumenRT Immersive Nature规则库方法 并完整记录了评论。

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